Ride Details

Fun Cycling Day for families and friends

On the Day

Car park opens at approx. 7:30am as first start is 8.ooam. Riders are asked to arrive no earlier than 45 minutes prior to their starting time.
This will give you 15 minutes to prepare your bike before approaching the gate for checking in.
Checking in will take about 15 minutes and then you will join the rolling start holding area.
Because of the COVID restrictions we must ask you to come ready to ride.
There is obviously no registration but you will need to check in at the gateway.

There will be no on the day Ride Briefing. 

The start area is just next to the car park so it is not a long walk. There will be a one-way system to the start. The overflow car park is a short ride way and should you need to park here then please ride over to join the check in 30 minutes before your ride start time.

At the Finish 

At the finish on Gold Hill please make your way to Park Walk for de registration. There you will be able to collect your medals There are unique medals for all finishers in all rides, We will not have any ride t-shirts to purchase on the day but there will be some available online while stocks last afterwards at £10 each with free p&p

Some important tips for those who enter 

We must insist that you wear a cycle helmet 

Make sure that your bike is roadworthy - check the tyres and brakes. If you are not sure how to do this take your bike to a cycle shop.

If you are not a regular cyclist, it is important that you ride your bicycle as much as possible during the weeks before the ride, to tune-up your muscles.

Get a good night's sleep the night before the ride, and have a good breakfast before you come out on the day of the event.

On the Ride

Bring some food to nibble; chocolate and fruit are a good idea.

Ride at a leisurely pace. Enjoy the countryside and remember that this is not a race!

Wear clothing - or reflective material - that will make you visible to motorists.

Carry some cash with you, in case your bike breaks down. Our recovery vehicle can bring you and your bike back to the start point in the event of an emergency. Follow the Highway Code. Keep to the left, and beware of oncoming traffic. Ride sensibly, and for your own safety, and as a courtesy to other road users, ride in single file.

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