Fun Cycling Day for families and friends

The important bit about getting sponsored 

Having to cycle 50, 25 or even 12 miles is not the hardest part of the event. The task of finding sponsors, and later collecting the sponsorship money is the hard bit; but this is also the most important part. Do ask your colleagues at work, and your friends, as well as your employers and other firms and pubs in your area, to sponsor you. Offer to wear some form of identification to advertise the identity of your commercial sponsors. Tell your sponsors how far you will ride, and ensure they complete name, first line of their address, post code and the amount they will donate on your sponsorship form.

This year we want to increase the number of riders to over 300 this year, and hope to raise funds in excess of £20,000.00

After the ride you will need to collect the sponsorship money. When you have collected all the money you have three options: 

Send, to the following address:

The North Dorset Cycle Ride
c/o Shean and Hare Ltd
22c Wincombe Business Park

A cheque made payable to Rotary Club of Shaftesbury and include your Sponsorship Form.

Alternatively pay money into Rotary Club of Shaftesbury, or any Lloyds bank, using the Bank sort code and account number: 30-65-21, 33170160 and post your Sponsorship form to the address above. Please add a reference to any Bank Transfers of your surname and then TNDCY, for example 'surname_TNDCR'

Using Virgin Money Giving to Donate

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Important notice about Gift Aid 

If those of your sponsors who pay income tax tick the GIFT AID box on your Sponsorship Form this will substantially increase the money you raise for our charities, because we can claim back an additional 25% of their donation from the Inland Revenue, at no cost to your sponsor! 

Ask those of your sponsors who pay income tax if they are willing to tick the Gift Aid Box on your Sponsorship Form. If they tick the box, make sure that their full name, first line of their address, and their post code is shown on the form.

Download The North Dorset Cycle Ride Sponsorship Form