Dec 19, 2020 by

With the current 2 week format, usual Christmas break and how the dates fell, we met just once (via Zoom) this December. We also received a lovely letter from KidsOut. We wish you a Merry and Safe Christmas.

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Dec 6, 2020 by

With Lockdown back in effect, November was a quiet month. However, vaccines were the big news and we spent time discussing how we can assist with the upcoming programme. We also pay our respects for the passing of a good friend.

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Oct 28, 2020 by

With the new rule of 6, it seems our Zoom meetings are here indefinitely. This month we heard about the completion of the Agritoilets in Malawi, a project we donated to in 2018. Rotary also made it as a mention in the Common’s for our work on eradicating Polio.

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Oct 3, 2020 by

After months of virtual meetings, we finally held an event in-person, venturing to Shaftesbury football club for a game of boules. Unfortunately, the freedom was short lived so are back to meeting on-line. We had 2 zoom meetings this month discussing plans for the future.

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Aug 29, 2020 by

This month had two very interesting zoom meetings. Firstly, we welcome speakers from the Friends of Westminster Memorial Hospital for a presentation. We also heard from Gwyneth Millard who discussed Global Sight Solutions and their work.

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