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Friday 1st

Several Rotarians enjoyed an evening at the theatre to see Jeeves and Wooster, preceded by an alternative performance at Cote Brasserie, albeit at half price. There is no pleasing some!

Saturday 2nd

Peter & Muriel represented Shaftesbury at The Gillingham Rotary Quiz in raising funds for Westminster Memorial Hospital. 

Sunday 3rd

We had the rare opportunity to take part in a guided tour of Longford Castle, where we were introduced to the history of the Pleydell-Bouverie family, Earls of Radnor, their home and fine art collections.

Monday 11th

After some Club business and updates on the forthcoming Halloween Walk, Circus Bezerkus and Rota Kids activities, we were presented with an interesting talk by Peter Stride on a career in the Metropolitan police force with the usual anecdotes.


September 30, 2024
“I am a member of Shaftesbury Rotary for fun and friendship while at the same time feeling I am doing something worthwhile for our community.”
Rotary Member
“My family business moved from London to Shaftesbury and Rotary was the ideal connection to enable my wife and me to become part of the community.”
Rotary Member
“I did like the openness of how Rotary works, nothing secretive, and the information was clear and positive with no hidden surprises.”
Rotary Member
“The rotary club provides a unique and fun way to do good for your local community and also raises money for major charities.”
Rotary Member
“I particularly warmed to the understanding that Rotarians recognised the priority of family, business and then Rotary in that order”
Rotary Member
“This was a unique opportunity in a small town to join a worldwide club and enjoy the company of Rotarians from so many different backgrounds”
Rotary Member
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