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Caldwell Award

The successful winner of the Shaftesbury Rotary Caldwell Award was Westminster Memorial Hospital Garden and all the volunteers involved with the project. The volunteers are a small team who have done amazing work to transform the gardens.
The gardens provide the patients with a pleasant outlook from their hospital window, somewhere for patients and their visitors to sit to get fresh air, and provides the staff with a pleasant sitting area. The volunteers are also growing vegetables which the hospital kitchen use, giving patients fresh produce and saving the hospital money.
Genette meet with some of the volunteers and Julian Pritchard to present them with their award. The volunteers are Dave Burrows, Julie Turner, Terry Matthews, Chris Curtis and Liz Carruthers. The project and volunteers received a certificate to recognise their contribution to the community and a monetary prize.

3rd – Business Meeting

On the 3rd April, retired Nuclear Submarine Commander Tim Green gave a very interesting talk, saying that a nuclear submarine is basically a kettle boiling water which drives a turbine but it uses a nuclear reactor to do it.
We were taught that a submarine can stay at sea for years, the only restrictions being the men and supplies. We have four submarines, one of which is always at sea, one in dry dock and with two on standby. The Navy have some unusual names for meals, such as “elephants toe nails” for a pasty and a mince pie being a “baby head.”

24th – AGM and Business Meeting

We met for our AGM and followed this by a business meeting. In this we discussed our 60th Anniversary meal later in the week. We then reviewed final details for our North Dorset Cycle Ride in aid of prostate cancer and other charities.

28th – 60th Anniversary of Shaftesbury Rotary Club Celebration

The highlight of the month, our “60th Anniversary Celebration” of Shaftesbury Rotary Club, founded in 1963.

Over 60 members, partners, friends and guests gathered for a celebration dinner at The Royal Chase.

After a three course dinner we were entertained by the guest speaker, a one “Winston Churchill”, who gave us an entertaining insight, followed by music from The Hummingbirds.

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