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6th – Gillingham President’s Evening

Being mindful that whenever our closest Rotary clubs have their President’s dinner, we always try to make sure we are represented and give our support and so this year four Rotarians, wives and partners made the short journey to the Olive Bowl venue to spend a very enjoyable evening in the company of good friends
The attendance numbers were extremely impressive as Gillingham has a small membership, but the support received from the local businesses, community and friends took the numbers to a full house.
Sadly for Gillingham, the Olive Bowl has now closed and the club are currently meeting at the Coppleridge in Motcombe.

8th – Guest Speaker

Brigadier Geoffrey Ransby gave us a very interesting talk on the service of Lt Philip Neame, who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1914, the highest award for gallantry in the force of the enemy. The declaration of war in August 1914 found Neame and many other young men going to war unprepared, ill-equipped and had no idea of what as to happen.

22nd – Business Meeting

A meeting was held with the Head Teacher and School Council at Abbey Church of England VA Primary School on 17th June. The School Council is made up of representatives from all year groups in the school. During a very constructive discussion, it was agreed that the school will run a RotaKids Club in partnership with Shaftesbury Rotary Club from September.


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May 19, 2024
Easter Fun Run, Park Walk, Sunday 7th April 2024
April 7, 2024
“I am a member of Shaftesbury Rotary for fun and friendship while at the same time feeling I am doing something worthwhile for our community.”
Rotary Member
“My family business moved from London to Shaftesbury and Rotary was the ideal connection to enable my wife and me to become part of the community.”
Rotary Member
“I did like the openness of how Rotary works, nothing secretive, and the information was clear and positive with no hidden surprises.”
Rotary Member
“The rotary club provides a unique and fun way to do good for your local community and also raises money for major charities.”
Rotary Member
“I particularly warmed to the understanding that Rotarians recognised the priority of family, business and then Rotary in that order”
Rotary Member
“This was a unique opportunity in a small town to join a worldwide club and enjoy the company of Rotarians from so many different backgrounds”
Rotary Member
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