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Gold Hill Festival 2022 Press Release

A free day for all the family. The 3rd of July saw the second renamed Gold Hill Festival, Shaftesbury. Barton Hill continues to prove a perfect location for such an event with the stage taking centre stage. The stall holders together with street food vendors fitted nicely around the perimeter of the field. Leaving the central area for watching the great music and enjoying a picnic.

Again, this year there was something for all the family, children’s rides, including a aerial trampoline, guess the number of bricks in the Lego caravan always a great attraction, Morris Dancing and a great skate boarding display by the renowned Jordan Rose.

There was a great line-up of 8 local bands/artists organised by our loyal compare Dan Evans. There was a great variety of music from folk, pop and rock bands including Conor Smith, LBVSK, No Fixed Abode, Pete Robson, Hummingbird, Cable Street, Steve Jones (alias Tom Jones) and closing out with Splinter the Silence. Steve Jones really delighted the crowd with his Tom Jones tribute act, with many joining in.

We would like to thank our sponsors Bloomfield and Associates, Rutters Solicitors, Johnsons Hotel and Catering Linen and Western Marquees. We would also like to thank Mike Farrell for carefully towing up the Lego Caravan and having it as a popular attraction. Gold Hill Festival wouldn’t be what it is without the valuable help and guidance of Dan Evans.

Watch out for next year’s Gold Hill Festival.

11th – Guest Speaker – Dan Evans. The Battle of Agincourt 1415 – “Myths, Mayhem and Money – Part 2”

We learnt about Henry V and medieval power politics. Was he a war criminal?

Plate armour was very effective and not as heavy as generally believed, but it was expensive at £250K in modern terms. A knight’s warhorse was similarly costly.

The English archers were very effective and there were a lot of them – partly because they were cheap. Their entire supply of arrows – over half a million between them all – would only have lasted for ten minutes.

But the battle was over quickly. The French were too tightly pressed together, disadvantaged by shorter lances, plagued by English arrows and got stuck in the mud. So they fell over on top of one another.

Henry V ordered the killing of the French prisoners, including setting fire to the barn where they were held captive, because he feared that the French army would make a late rally. That would certainly have been contrary to the Geneva Convention – but considering the Ukraine – how much have things changed?”

25th – Business Meeting, Royal Chase

We discussed a wide range of topics including whether we could support more defibrillators at further locations around the town. The defibrillator at the top of Gold Hill was funded by ourselves. We think more of these devices around the community is highly desirable but we need to give careful consideration to their location.

We also discussed our end of year accounts and considered some donations. A further area of discussion was our recent Gold Hill Festival. We reviewed this and began to make plans for next year.

Open For Business – From the August/September Rotary Magazine

We would like to recommend the following article in the current edition of the Rotary magazine, entitled “Open for Business.

In the past, Shaftesbury itself hosted many bring-and-buy events via silent auctions. In response to the article, the question could be put forward as to whether Shaftesbury should attempt something similar to Frome’s bold approach in the future.


September 30, 2024
“I am a member of Shaftesbury Rotary for fun and friendship while at the same time feeling I am doing something worthwhile for our community.”
Rotary Member
“My family business moved from London to Shaftesbury and Rotary was the ideal connection to enable my wife and me to become part of the community.”
Rotary Member
“I did like the openness of how Rotary works, nothing secretive, and the information was clear and positive with no hidden surprises.”
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“The rotary club provides a unique and fun way to do good for your local community and also raises money for major charities.”
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“I particularly warmed to the understanding that Rotarians recognised the priority of family, business and then Rotary in that order”
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“This was a unique opportunity in a small town to join a worldwide club and enjoy the company of Rotarians from so many different backgrounds”
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