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2nd – Zoom AGM

We met on Zoom for our business meeting. Amongst other items we were pleased to hear that we have had a good response to our Covid appreciation certificate. This will celebrate and give recognition to those who have made a special contribution to the community during the Covid crisis.
We then held our autumn General Meeting. It was good to learn that we have a president for the year 2022 to 2023 – David Britton. We already have a President for 2021 to 2022 – Tim Cook. So it is good to see that we are so well prepared for the future.

16th – Zoom Meeting

We met by Zoom for a business meeting. Amongst other items we discussed the process, whereby we would use the challenge of Covid, to look again at our whole work in the community, our meetings and our social activities to make us fit for the future and an attractive organisation to join.
We have volunteered to help with the process of Covid vaccination. This will be a major undertaking for our local GP practice as well as nationally and we will be proud to be helping.”

30th – Zoom Meeting

We met again by Zoom, and along with other items of business, we discussed the Covid vaccination programme. We hope to be able to help with this and play a leading part in finding the necessary volunteers to help the local NHS execute what will be a massively complex but vitally important task.

Ray Humphries. Obituary.

Our Rotary club and Town has lost a good friend with the passing of Ray. Whist not a Rotarian he always recognised the commitment Rotary made locally and further afield and although well known for his public role and involved in so many community activities and events he also worked quietly behind the scenes. On many, many occasions through his representation of Shaftesbury as the William Williams Charity trustee Ray always successfully supported our requests for financial help for good causes. Our condolences his wife Christine and family.

Pictured: President Trish Lever 2017/18 with Ray at a Rotary meeting.


29th November 2015 – Big Breakfast

We met for breakfast at a greasy spoon on the A1 – well actually Bernard Skam’s house – for a fry up. A strange group of people seemed to be in the cafe on that Sunday morning, ranging from a city gent who looked very much out a place, to a bedraggled girl whose boyfriend had dumped her with no money. We also had Father Christmas turned up with Rudolph; they had crashed their sleigh on the way to the North Pole and wanted a cup of tea1! Of course we had bikers, a couple of scruffy painters and a few folks on their way home from a party. Much to Bernard’s surprise nobody did a runner and left without paying for their breakfast!


29th Nov Breakfast 5


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