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2nd – No meeting


3rd – Fathers House

On the 3rd December at Father’s House, Christy’s Lane, Shaftesbury a cheque for £250 was presented to the Charity to help pay for children’s presents at their annual Christmas Party on the 13th December 2019.
In the photograph Shaftesbury Rotary President Win Harvey is seen handing the cheque to Linda East, Open House Supervisor at Father’s House. Other officers from Father’s Lane in the photograph, include John Newton, Diana McConaghy, Alan Kirkham and Nikki Hall.


Left to right:
John Newton – Housing benefits
Linda East – Open house supervisor
President Win
Diana McConaghy – benefits advisor
Alan Kirkham – treasurer
Nikki Hall – support service

9th – Speaker Guy Lowton

Guy Lowton spoke at Monday’s meeting about his career as a solicitor in Shaftesbury emphasising the remarkable changes in the profession in one generation. Guy recounted advising clients on a wide variety of legal issues when he opened his firm’s Shaftesbury office and regaled the meeting with anecdotes from his days as a criminal lawyer working the local magistrates’ courts.


15th – Christmas Meeting with Partners

Several members and partners enjoyed a Christmas meal at the La Fleur de Lys on Sunday 15th December, we soon got into the festive spirit with the beautiful decorated Christmas tree in the hallway and the decorations in the bar and dining room. We had all chosen our food selection prior to the evening and when we sat down the first thing was to pull the Christmas crackers and then try out the jokes on each other. We all had a pleasant evening and after the meal, President Win thanked David and his staff for the evening, also looking after members throughout the year.

18th – Shaftesbury School awards

President Win attended the ‘Awards Evening’ at Shaftesbury School on Wednesday 18th December. The guest speaker was Chadden Hunter, the producer of Planet earth and Planet Earth 11. He explained how technology had advanced and showed that 10 years ago static camera were attached to a tree, catching the animal when it walked past the camera. Now they use cameras attached to a frame which enables the camera man to follow the animal on foot or to use a vehicle with camera and frame attached. They also use drones into places which are in-accessible by man. We even were privileged to see footage of film which was never show on television.
He presented the Main School Awards, Outstanding Achievement Awards and STEAM Awards.
Then followed the Special Awards and the First was the Shaftesbury Rotary Club Contribution to the Community and President Win was asked to come to the stage and present the shield and book token to Lucie Newton to acknowledge her time and effort supporting others within the local community

21st – Circus Bezerkus

Shaftesbury Rotary Club together with Circus Berzercus hosted another Christmas Party at Shaftesbury School for 28 children from Mosaic and local schools. The children were treated to an afternoon of fun, thanks to the hugely talented Circus Berzercus.

After registration the children participated in learning various circus skill, before sitting down to tea and refreshments. Children, together with their parents were then treated to a fun packed performance by Circus Berzercus in the School Hall. The children were asked to participate as able assistants to the clowns.
Circus Berzercus, commonly described, as ‘A Mismatch Made in Devon’ are a hilarious, highly skilled circus show for all of the family. They regularly carry out Circus Skills Workshops in schools from Key Stage 1 upwards.
This year’s party was the third such party put on by Shaftesbury Rotary Club and is paid for completely out of Rotary Funds, so is free to all that attend. The Club would like to say a big thank you to Nicci Judd, who helps every year. Shaftesbury Rotary Club would also like to Thank Shaftesbury School for allowing the use of the School facilities.


Additional – Certificate for Polio

Shaftesbury Rotary were given a certificate for being one of 19 clubs, out of a total of 75 in our district, who raised more than $1500 dollars in the last year towards Rotary’s campaign to eradicate polio. Together with other clubs in our Rotary District over $100,00 was raised for this purpose.
We are proud to take part in this world leading Rotary campaign. All of Rotary’s donations are then trebled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so our donation is worth $4500 dollars or about £3500 to the campaign to eradicate polio.
Rotary’s campaign to eradicate polio began in 1985 at which time there were over 1,000 cases of polio every day, in 125 countries worldwide. Thousands – especially children – were paralysed or killed. Over this time Rotary has donated $2billion dollars and has been joined by leading welfare organisations such as WHO and UNICEF, and more recently the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Today, the number of cases is down by 99.9%. However, it is important the work continues to help eradicate the disease and also to stop it returning.
Two of the three subtypes of polio have been eradicated and the number of cases is down by 99.9%. Sadly there are still a few cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan only. There are obvious difficulties in running an immunisation campaign in these countries, but the battle against polio continues with Rotary’s help.

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Steve & Denise Parsons once again played host to fellow Rotary members in November – (Trevor Clements, David and Elaine Wynn Mack, Steve & Judy Uden, Bob Shearn, Martin Sayers,) to check the 326 shoe boxes that were transported to a Wimborne warehouse by David Britten. The boxes will then be sent to a number of poor countries in time for children at Christmas.

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