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4th – Thank you evening for supporters of North Dorset Cycle Ride

It was lovely to see those who had helped and supported the Cycle Ride and to thank them for their support, without which the Cycle Ride would not be possible. The Cycle Ride’s success has grown each year. It is a great event which not only raises funds for charity, it is embraced by the local community and puts Shaftesbury on the map, with over 300 rides taking part. Paul Slimm and his community did a fantastic job of organising the Cycle Ride this year. We are really proud that the ride raised over £10,000 this year and that we were able to give £6,000 to our main charity Prostate Cancer UK. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst men in the UK. Over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, and over 250,000 men are currently living with the disease.


10th – Shaftesbury Remembrance Parade

Shaftesbury came together to remember and to commemorate armistice day, with a parade through Shaftesbury and then a moments silence, before the laying of wreaths. Our President Win Harvey is pictured below laying a wreath on behalf of Shaftesbury Rotary.

Pictured: President Win laying a wreath following the parade.


11th – STARS Dorset speaker evening

Vikki Taylor from STARS Dorset spoke at the services they offer. She explained that STARS stands for Sexual Trauma and Recovery Services. They offer one to one support free of charge for anyone of any age or gender who live, work or studies in Dorset and has been affected by any form of sexual violence such as childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence or rape. The youngest person in their service is 4 and the eldest is in their 80s. Last year they supported over 1000 people. They have 21 paid members of staff and 40 volunteers. They have an office in Poole and are about to open another office in Dorchester. The Charity operates in 3 main areas:
1. A Helpline
This is open for two hours Monday – Saturday where anyone who has experienced or been affected can call for support.
2. Counselling Service
They provide FREE one to one counselling at their offices in Poole or Dorchester.
3. Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service (ISVA)
This provides emotional and practical support to survivors of sexual violence. They visit clients wherever it feels most suitable for them whether that is in their home, in a café, at our offices or at a school. STARS currently have 9 ISVAS who are supporting approximately 200 clients around the county. They are regularly travelling here to North Dorset to Shaftesbury, Gillingham and Blandford to schools and individuals in their homes or local cafes etc. several times a week.
Alongside helping with the fundraising Vikki herself works as a volunteer counsellor one day a week, her clients age range is between 24 and 50.

Pictured: Vikki and President Win


18th – Business Meeting

We discussed the replacement of our public access defibrillator in the town centre. This will reach its expiry date in 2020 and we wish to continue to have a Rotary funded defibrillator available for public use at this location.
We also considered a number of other grants and then made plans for social events to take place in that quiet post-Christmas period. We hope to have a Casino night and also a Tapas evening.
As always, the full minutes can be seen in the members section.


25th – Speaker organised by Phil Proctor spoke to the club

The speaker was from an insurance company which specialises in home contents.

He started by saying: Why have valuations?

• Lose of track over time
• Inherited items and have no idea of value
• Market changes to values
• People do not have the time or would not know where to start
• 80% of people are incorrectly insured.

He then handed out photocopies of items and asked us to guess the value in 2014 and 2019 and then gave us the correct answers. The quiz kept us quiet for a few minutes and he was then able to answer questions from members.

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