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6th February – No meeting

11th February – Incoming Presidents Seminar

Trish Lever our incoming President attended a gathering of some 70 Rotary clubs ( which make up our district) to prepare for their coming year in office. One of the main agenda items was “Marketing Rotary”, much to Trish’s delight the Shaftesbury club was promoted as having an excellent web site and their Business Partners project was recognised as by far the most successful club in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) with 87 business partners who never hesitated when asked to support their local Shaftesbury Rotary club. These businesses are integral to our vibrant town, contributing to local employment and the economy, entertainment, sport, and many other services. They all understand the need to be part of the community, they are important in the structure that makes Shaftesbury and the surrounding area a good place to live, work , shop, do business and enjoy.so well done to every body’s commitment.

Shaftesbury Youth Club

We were also pleased to welcome, as their speaker, Heather Sanger who is the driving force behind the operation of Shaftesbury Youth Club. This club offers a great range of activities for children during School Term time only, with Monday evening sessions from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm for school years 8,9 and 10, and Thursday evening sessions from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm for school years 5,6 and 7. Helen told us that the club offers a multitude of facilities which enables them to provide a varied programme of positive activities for young people in including sports, crafts, cooking and recreation, Duke of Edinburgh Awards,  advice, guidance and informal education of current issues effecting young people today.


Shaftesbury Youth Club is the only facility in Shaftesbury offering such facilities for young people, and we believe that their facilities are invaluable to local youngsters and the community and that the club is deserving of support. We have given support in the past and are committed to help them in the future.


Youth Club - March 17

20th February – Business meeting

We discussed our forthcoming cycle ride, our cycle speedway project and possible recipients of our support. We made arrangements for social activities namely Dog racing and Horse Racing.


27th – Talking Newspapers

Gerald Tagg from the local talking newspaper for the blind came to talk to us about his organisation. They circulate readings taken from local newspapers, on a weekly basis in a digital format, to be used on RNIB players, available to registered blind and partially sighted people. We were impressed by the efficiency of the newspaper which is produced locally by volunteers, on national lottery funded equipment, in a studio provided by “Father’s House”. Distribution is free courtesy of the Royal Mail service to the blind. The only regular expenses are the newspapers from which the readings are taken.



Talking Newspapers

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