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7th – No meeting

No meeting held.


12th – Christmas Shoeboxes

Shaftesbury Rotary delivered 340 shoeboxes in mid November to an Andover warehouse, from where they will be transported to Eastern Europe and distributed as Christmas presents to disadvantaged children in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and Romania. Schools in Shaftesbury, Fontmell Magna, Ludwell and Semley filled most of the boxes with toiletries, pens, pencils, toys, hats and gloves. Shaftesbury Evening W I, the  Trefoil Guild, Trinity Daycare Centre, Friends of Rotary and local shops also donated gift items and filled boxes.


Rotary President Bernard Skam thanks all the school children, parents and all helpers for their generous support once again for this worthwhile charitable scheme which is run by Rotarians throughout Wessex.




14th – Musical talk from Bob Shearn

“My job” talks are part of Rotary tradition giving an insight to the many different professions and businesses of our membership. So it was a 1st in the clubs memory when new member Bob Shearn gave us a “Tour de force” of his musical career as a teacher, session musician, and lead guitarist with many different bands, but above all his love of music. He revealed an amazing collection of some 17  guitars ranging from Spanish through to electronic “Fenders”,”Gibsons” and many types in between. Bob gave a detailed history of the guitars which he brought to show us and we had the pleasure of listening to Bob  playing  their different sounds from traditional  Spanish to blues, rock, jazz, classical, country and many others. During the evening he was supported on the keyboard by Mark Skerrit a professional colleague. A great evening enjoyed by all. Well done Bob.


16th – Shaftesbury Fire Station

Rotarians and their partners made a vocational visit arranged by Trish Lever, to their local fire station where Station Commander Matt Scott introduced his team of “on call” firefighters, all with other day jobs, who demonstrated the special equipment carried on both appliances (fire engines to every youngster).




We were then split into three groups to hear more about their high tech communication systems, followed by the opportunity to use some very impressive safety equipment designed specifically to facilitate safely removing injured occupants from vehicles involved in accidents.


Then the “Fear” factor, the chance to scale a 42ft (13m) ladder and climb into a burning room (no that’s not true) but you did have to leave the ladder and enter the “cage” by straddling the safety barrier. The extra-long 13 metre ladder was erected on the tower, and more female than male visitors had a go to the second level, complete with harness and helmet.


Dorset and Wilts recently merged their Fire and Rescue Services. New recruits, men and women, are needed to ensure the public’s safety, whenever fire, traffic accident or other emergency occurs. Shaftesbury’s team have long- supported the town’s events, such as Gold Hill Fair, and The Carnival Procession.


Afterwards President Bernard Skam and his wife Sheena hosted a Thai supper for visitors and firefighters at their Bell Street home, which suffered severe fire damage 24 years ago!

Huge thanks to Trish for organising the event, to Bernard and Sheena who hosted the supper and of course Matt Scott (station Commander) and the Firemen that safely looked after us.

21st – AGM Meeting

The club’s Annual General Meeting was held at the Fluer de Lys. When the club members unanimously endorsed Rotarian Trish Lever to be our President for the Rotary year 2017/18. Win Harvey and David Wyn- Mackenzie both agreed to continue their respective responsibilities as Treasurer and Secretary.

28th – Will Norgan & Trevor Rogers

We had two guests this evening who were both relating to our first Gold Hill Cycle Ride in June. Paul welcomed the guests Trevor Rogers and Will Norgan, and again thanked the members for all their work and support in making the event happen.


Trevor Rogers was representing Prostate Cancer UK, who were the main beneficiaries of the funds raised, and was presented with a cheque in the sum of £1,000.00. In response Trevor spoke of how funds raised helped the efforts of Prostate Cancer UK, and in particular spoke frankly of his own experience with prostate cancer. He was also happy to answer questions that followed.


Will Norgan is the proprietor of Hammon Cycles on the Wincombe Business Park. Will was a sponsor of some of our early expenses in this years event, and was a great help in providing support on the day (despite being left in charge of his one year old daughter whilst his wife was at work !!!!!)


We were pleased to have Will as our guest as a gesture of thanks for all his help. Will also spoke and, after thanking us for inviting him for dinner, he relayed some of his cycling experience.


So anyone thinking of buying a bike should definitely head for Will’s shop – you will be very welcomed and receive sound advice.



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