Shoe Box Appeal

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Shoe Box Appeal

Shoe Box Appeal

This project which Rotary has supported for the past 10 years or so is to give some pleasure to poor deprived children in Eastern Europe and Africa. The box is filled with such things as small toys, colouring pencils, pads and small items of clothing. Whilst the club members do their bit we are heavily reliant on the generosity of the local schools, children/students and staff who last year gave 318 boxes, no doubt due to Paul Whiteman and Bernard Skam who dressed as a clown and an overgrown school boy, Rotarians then checked and delivered the boxes to Southampton.


Thanks in particular to Peter Brown, Wives/Partners and Richard Shean who provided transport.


You can read more about Shoe Boxes here.

Other Activities

A new social occasion for Shaftesbury Rotary “Knock Out Poker”. For those of you who don’t play cards then blame Martin Sayers for this one as he is our fun and friendship leader!

We also welcomed Associate Member Sir John Suttard on the 10th; John was formerly the Lord Mayor of London in 2006/2007.



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